Exporting Records As New Shapefile

02-08-2014 02:05 AM
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I am currently conducting a study into lizards in North America. A few weeks ago, a kind user showed me how to select all species in a given continent within ArcGIS. The original brief (here: http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/101056-Query-Continents?goto=newpost) was for snakes and lizards but it turns out I just require the lizards. This new list I can compile myself but I require a little help for the following stages if anyone is able to assist 🙂

I want to know whether, using the original range data, I can remove all records from the database that I don't require (so all species outside continental North America and all reptiles that are not lizards) and export this as a new shape file?

If the previous stage is possible, I would then like to draw a square box around the continent within which just lizards are present. Is this possible? Ultimately, I need a raster image for each lizard species occurring within this square box (which covers all of mainland North America and whatever oceanic area that lies within this boundary). The reason for this is my later statistical analysis that will compare each raster for differences.

I hope this makes sense and very much hope some kind soul can help me out.


UPDATE: I have finally found a guide that shows how to export selected attributes to a new shapefile (the document can be found here if anyone will find it useful: http://bit.ly/1f3NwM0). However, I still need to purge this shapefile of unwanted species. (I have exported all North American reptiles to a new shapefile but must remove snakes, and tortoises etc)
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