Can you customize Space time cube parameters?

11-07-2017 01:27 AM
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Hi Everyone,

One of our customers has asked us if it is possible to customize the statistics parameters in the Space time cube tool.. They want to be able to use for instance fractiles and add/withdraw existing parameters from each other and show the result as a space time cube..

Is this possible in any way? Can you do that with python?



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Space time cube links

suggest little built-in capability beyond what is offered.

If they want to work with python, then off course analyses carried on outside arcmap/pro can be brought in for further viewing.

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Hi Dan,

Thank you for your answer - I've looked at those links as well and came to the same conclusion as you.

But do you know if it is possible to take the code from the "Create Space Time Cube" tool and add your own statistics parameters in python? I'm not a python shark, that's why I'm asking. :)

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