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Possiblities and an app or stand alone program

01-14-2015 11:01 AM
New Contributor II

I am wondering if such a task is even possible. I will do my best to explain it.

I have GPS points or a track of a pipeline. I load it into arcmap. I need to determine a number of stations along this linear feature (mainline and spurs) and for each station extract the XYZ values. Then I takes these values (saved as a CSV file) and bring it into an multi-worksheet Excel workbook that you add the station number and the XYZ data along with the type of piping, valves, tanks and etc to use. The excel workbook generates graphs, reports and forms in it that has the design specifications for the pipeline and the necessary forms.

Is it possible to be able to create a standalone program, web app or something else that would be able to integrate the mapping part (including loading DEM's and GPS points or tracks) and the excel part together without going from ArcGIS (saving CSV files) and then opening it up in Excel. I might be involved with a similar type of project for center pivots.

If it is possible, please provide me with a rough framework on how this is done. I am a very novice model builder and python person.

thank you in advanced for any ideas


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