Modifying existing DSM based on slope value from a different layer

05-01-2020 03:59 AM
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I would like to calculate solar radiation of some building roofs using area solar radiation tools in ArcGIS Pro. However, I need to modify my DSM (input raster) because I want to optimize the panel inclination on buildings with flat roof.

I already generated slope data with the intended panel inclination value. How can I integrate the new slope value into the existing DSM? Can I do it with ArcGIS Pro?


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I'm not sure I fully understand, after re-reading several times I'm guessing you want to emulate the inclination of the panels which would go onto flat roofs in your DSM?

It seems a bit backward to me as you would have to do burn some pseudo heights onto your DSM to then re-run the slope calculation, which would get very involved considering the orientation of the buildings.

I'd recommend burning your calculated slope values (proposed panel orientations for flat roofed buildings) onto your original slope calculation using Raster Calculator. 

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Hi David, Sorry for my unclear question above, and thanks for the suggestion. 

Illustration below:

- The roof's slope value from the original DSM is 0.

- I want to modify the panel inclination to 25 degrees.

- I generate a new 25deg slope layer using Raster Calculator.

- I need to generate a new DSM which has 25 deg slope for the solar radiation tools.

I've managed to generate a new slope layer (slope B) by adding the desired slope values to the original slope layer (slope A) using Raster Calculator and Con. However, I need a new DSM layer with the optimized panel inclination (slope B) as an input layer to calculate the solar radiation per building.

I wonder if there is any automated way to do this in ArcGIS?

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