Master's Thesis in GIS

02-28-2020 09:58 AM
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Hey y'all, I'm writing my master's thesis in geoinformatics in 1 month time, and I am already asked to prepare a subject. It can be any topic within the spectrum of GIS, and so I was hoping some of you would be interested in assisting me with an idea. Perhaps you have something I can look into for you?

We will have approximately 3 months from start to finish, and like I  said anything goes. Analysis I am interested in are space-time mining, suitability analysis, multi-modal networks, and 3D-modelling and visibility analysis. Things I am currently trying to learn: space syntax.

I am open to learn new things, and any suggestion / input is welcome! Hope too see you in the comments:)

Kind regards,

Olav R

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Best advice I can give you... don't take a recommendation from someone on a forum. Working on a thesis involves months of time writing and researching on a specific topic... so it should really be something that you are passionate about. You already mentioned a couple areas of 'analysis' that you are interested in, but how are you interested in applying these tools? What are some real-world problems, where these types of analyses are being applied (literature review style thesis), or where a more novel analytical approach could be applied (look at enhancing or refining a current methodology for solving the problem)? Ecology, public safety, emergency management, health... there are a million different problems/areas to dive more deeply into... just focus on something you care about/have an interest in.

Brian Baldwin, Senior Solution Engineer
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