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06-01-2018 01:03 PM
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The new NOAA Climate Explorer developed with the Esri JS API launched publicly this week. Climate Explorer is a rich resource featuring more than just maps. This link will take you to an example map view in the new version

In short;

-          NOAA Climate Program Office, with NEMAC, created the original US Climate Explorer in 2014 with opensource tech

-          NEMAC and NOAA, with support from Fernleaf, have rewritten the Climate Explorer with the Esri JS API, and are integrating Living Atlas content directly into it.

o   The new site has an impressive multi-scale explorer interface for various layers, swipe tools, charts…. 6k grids for US/ or options for county-level aggregation

-          An update is planned with deeper Living Atlas and Story Map integration, launching early fall

-          Current case studies on the Climate Explorer site are being transitioned to Story Maps, including integration with the National Water Model for example.

-          NOAA Climate Program Office Director is pleased with the change to the ArcGIS JS API, and supportive of the planned Living Atlas enhancements

-          The new site is hosted on a NEMAC server, to ensure continuity during potential government shutdowns


Primary collaborators include;

- NOAA’s Climate Program Office

- UNC-Asheville’s NEMAC (National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center – 2016 SAG Award for Research and Science),

- Fernleaf Interactive, an Esri Startup co-located with NEMAC at Asheville’s Climate Collider (collaborative office space)

-          NEMAC spun-off Fernleaf two years ago to handle commercial demand for resilience consulting to local gov market

  • Fernleaf now supports a product, AccelAdapt, an SAS resilience assessment solution for ArcGIS incorporating parcel and building data into the “Six Steps for Resilience” process. Workflows deliver ArcGIS Web Services as products to hundreds of communities


-          Fernleaf is sharing AccelAdapt workflows (which leverage the Climate Explorer)

-          Climate Explorer will feed inputs to AccelAdapt via the living Atlas in fall release

-          Fernleaf will be in the StartUp Zone at the Esri UC for the 2nd year.


This is an exemplar of an academic research team spinning-off a thriving Esri Startup, then providing the Climate Explorer as a critical public/ private partnership.

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