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04-29-2021 05:04 PM
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ArcGIS Users are participating in the CitSciVirtual 2021 conference organized by the Citizen Science Association (CSA) during the month of May 2021.   The agenda is scattered throughout May to provide time to attend workshops, keynotes, poster sessions and online social events. 

Sessions to attend if you want to learn more about ArcGIS usage in the citizen science community.

Collaboration and Communication Utilizing ArcGIS Apps Workshop open to all attendees

  • 6 May, 3-4:30 US Eastern
  • Panelists: Karen Klinger (Field Museum), Tim Briggs (New Hampshire Sea Grant), Abigail Krump (National Audubon Society)
  • Moderator:  Charmel Menzel (Esri)
  • Description: Citizen Science project staff have an enormous challenge in collaborating with volunteers,  partners, supporters, scientists, and the general public.  Learn how the Field Museum’s Monarch Butterfly ArcGIS Hub website enables citizens to be more fully engaged by accessing project resources, submitting data, providing feedback, and signing up to attend events.  Hear how ArcGIS StoryMaps created by New Hampshire Sea Grant and Audubon Society enhance organizational communication activities by weaving the message into a story. A story can effect change, influence opinion, and create awareness and maps are an integral part of storytelling.  Open discussion and accessing free training will wrap up this session.

Mapping, analyzing and communicating citizen science information using field tools, web GIS, dashboards and story maps Keynote

  • 10 May, 12-1:30 US Eastern
  • Presenter Joseph Kerski

Citizen Science Location-based Analytics Workshop open to all attendees

  • 18 May, 3:30-5:00pm US Eastern
  • Panelists: Austin Rosén (Colorado State University), Kristen Hocutt (Citizen Science Volunteer/Esri), Greg Brunner (Esri)
  • Moderator:  Charmel Menzel (Esri)
  • Description: Are you new to GIS analysis, a Data Scientist, or Researcher desiring to learn the latest in spatial analytics?  Join this discussion with a panel of scientists from various GIS backgrounds including a M.S. Biology Student, a Geologist turned GIS/Remote Sensing Analyst and a Data Scientist.  Each accessed data from iNaturalist or GBIF for their project.  Learn how to utilize Python, Jupyter Notebooks, machine learning techniques and other spatial analysis tools within ArcGIS.  These tools provide the means to identify areas missing data, monitor changes over space and time, and conduct suitability modeling.  Following brief presentations from each panelist, tips on accessing these tools and free learn lessons will be provided, plus the floor will be open to live Q&A.

Using GIS to Create and Monitor Citizen Science Projects Workshop for attendees that select bundle A.5

  • Two live sessions: Tuesday, 4 May, 1:30-3:00pm ET // Tuesday, 11 May, 1:30-3pm ET
  • Presenters: Lori Delacruz Lewis (Dallas College), Kelly Albus (University of North Texas), Brittney Beck (California State University, Bakersfield), Michael Jabot (SUNY Fredonia)
  • This collaborative workshop offers a multitude of opportunities for approaching GIS in Citizen Science with several pre-recorded videos, hands-on activities and two live sessions. For instance, create and monitor your own citizen science projects and monitor the results in real time. Design a mobile-ready survey, manage how the data appears and monitor the results in real-time. Then share the resulting data with interactive, multimedia narratives. Learn how to access public data and add to ArcGIS Online, how citizen science contributes to the monitoring of the UN SDGs, how to follow environmental data collection protocols and how to share with students.




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