R&H Implementation Status

11-13-2019 09:07 AM
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How has your agency implemented, or how is your agency planning to implement Roads & Highways? 

Please let us know using the following link:  https://arcg.is/111fDv

This link is a Survey 123 app created by Kansas DOT.  The attachment PDF shows all the questions in case answers are needed from multiple people for one organization. 

This information is helpful for agencies learn from one another and share best practices.

Kyle Gonterwitz (Kyle.Gonterwitz@ks.gov) from Kansas DOT added a group to his AGO site called RHUG_Kansas.  He can invite RHUG Members to the site so implementation status information can be updated rather than stored in a static word document.  Members can update their records, view the tabular results, and export the table and such things.  Here is the group link


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