Data Check for Routes offset from the Centerline

01-27-2021 02:12 PM
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Hello All,

We have had an issue recently where we find a Route that is not aligned with the associated Centerline. It is not usually far off, maybe a couple of feet. It is not a lot of them, only a couple at a time, but it is a pain that they pop up and we need to fix them. 

Do others have this issue and if so, has anyone developed a check to find these kinds of errors?

Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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I think it should be pretty simple to run a select by location of all the Route features that are 'WITHIN' the road centrelines layer.  When you reverse the selection, Routes which are not exactly coincident with the RoadCentrelines should then be highlighted.

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That is a good idea! We will give that a try!

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We have had the issue in the past not as much now that I recall. Most times we find it’s a retired benign record (same From/To date) that has been left off centerline because of cartographic realignment. A few things, we use wmx to create our mxds, the point being is we have all the layers in the TOC unselectable at launch minus centerline. This is the first line to preventing the issue. Second, we use data reviewer that has a 1’ buffer around only the locked routes for that user in that version to cutdown on processing time. We use a geometry on geometry check, milepoint over centerline to find any issues before posting. If possible I will have them delete the version and try again as that is better then trying to fix the issue (this goes for most errors) once posted.


As for a fix, on a lower stage I would try reshaping milepoint using trace on centerline to get them back in synch with each other.

Hope that helps. Let us know if that works.

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