Event Behaviors "Cover" retires upstream events

06-23-2021 08:08 AM
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Dear colleagues

We have noticed that after a realignment all events upstream, regardless of whether they are affected by the realignment or not, have been retired and recreated with the same measurements and the new FromDate. This occurs with both settings for RealignOverlap; Move and Snap.

This means that for each realignment each time all upstream events are retired and recreated with a new FromDate although these parts of the route were not touched.

Is this the way it is supposed to be or do we have incorrect settings somewhere?

In some cases, after the realignment the upstream events Shape_Length has changed very little, 3 digits after the decimal point (less than millimeters). What is the reason for this precision discrepancy?

(ArcMap 10.8.1)


Thank you for your help in advance,


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I would suggest submitting a ticket to esri.

The first part seems correct to me. At least for us we want the Milepoint and Event from/to dates to match timeslices. If there is need to capture another date for the event we would add another field to the event. You get a new record for the from/to date change, then depending the settings something is changing (where along route is a new measure or the measure is the same but the x/y location changed). So that all seems correct to me.

If you are doing a cartographic realignment one could get small changes but part of our editing we would not select realignment for such a small change.

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