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Third Party Resources

This table is intended to show non-COTS tools and resources related to Roads & Highways.  Please add a row or contact a group admin to add a row for any resources you would like others to know about!

Resource NameResource VersionResource DescriptionVendorStatusContact
Last Updated
3d Length Tool 1.0 Calculates 3d length in miles for selected centerline segments North Carolina DOTProduction 
developed in-house 6/12/2019
HPMS Assistant 2.12.0 Merges and validates data from existing road inventory databases based on DOT and FHWA validation rules to address FHWA's HPMS annual submittal process. Transcend Spatial Solutions Production Bill Schuman ( 
KDOT GIS on GitHub1.0 python and SQL developed by the Kansas Department of Transportation for LRS and GIS Public Domain Development 

GitHub - KDOTGIS/pydev106: kdot implementation of esri roads and highways at version 10.6.1 - python... 

Productivity Tools - Intersection Manager 4.2.2 Generates MIRE-compliant intersections, interchanges, and characteristics for use in Safety Analyst and HSIP analyses. Transcend Spatial Solutions Production Bill Schuman ( 
Productivity Tools - Segment Analyzer 3.8.0 Combines road characteristic data from normalized relational tables into segmented tables for analysis, reports, complex validations, or input to legacy systems. Transcend Spatial Solutions Production Bill Schuman ( 
Productivity Tools - Validation Assistant 3.10.0 Performs data validations on single or multiple tables that can be addressed in a map editing tool like Esri's Event Editor. Transcend Spatial Solutions Production Bill Schuman ( 
Report Engine 3.10.0 Web-based report building/printing tool that generates reports from Esri Roads and Highways, Segment Analyzer, HPMS Assistant, Road Analyzer, or any set of relational tables or views. Transcend Spatial Solutions Production Bill Schuman ( 
Road Analyzer 3.12.0 Configurable Straight Line Diagraming environment used to visualize many types of data elements along a single route on a transportation network. Transcend Spatial Solutions Production Bill Schuman (  
Spatially Derived 3.0.0 Populates events (Terrain, Urban Id, Town Code, Location County) based on whether they reside within a polygonal boundaryNorth Carolina DOTProduction developed in-house6/12/2019
LRS Bulk Editing Tools for Esri's Roads and Highways5.0.0.4The LRS Bulk Editing Toolset provides a single interface to identify and correct events along the LRS. Timmons GroupProduction Tim Sheldon 6/18/2020
Explore LRS Updates for Esri's Roads and Highways0.0.6Explore LRS Updates allows users to locate and filter LRS network changes, event changes, and view details of LRS network edits via a widget in the Event Editor.Timmons GroupProduction Tim Sheldon 6/18/2020
LRS Validation Tools for Esri's Roads and Highways5.0.0.4The LRS Validation Tools provide a single interface to run complex validations on event data including cross-table and presence of data validations.Timmons GroupProduction Tim Sheldon 6/18/2020
DDOT GIS WikiN/AReference/documentation for DDOT's LRS and roadway segmentation and data products.  Includes links to Python-based tools for users of ESRI's Roads and HighwaysDC Department of TransportationProduction

James Graham

Segmentation Data Elements - GIS - d. Wiki 7/8/2020
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