Iowa DOT GSAM Presentation on Collector Usage

03-04-2016 08:50 AM

Iowa DOT GSAM Presentation on Collector Usage

Part of a series of Collector based presentations kicking off a new Collector user group geared towards transportation related assets.  This is just a quick overview of the Iowa DOT's trials and tribulations with Collector over the last 18 months.  Still very much a work in progress.  Come see this presentation live at GIS-T 2016 in Raleigh.


Not sure what you are using for your enterprise authentication but would guess AD. Have you reviewed and tried using ADFS for your enterprise sign-on and authentication needs?

Also, for the less than pleasant task of migrating things around in AGO for groups, users, maps, data, etc. I highly recommend the free app from GeoJobe. Can find it in the marketplace here

At this time we do not have a tie to AD.  We are waiting on our IT teams to decide on an agency AD solution.  We have tested several but do not want our field staff to have a double authentication process.

My GIS-T version of this talk will hopefully go into more details on what our data process looks like.

Makes sense and understand those concerns. On the double authentication issue it would be a great fix if ESRI could pass through the credentials used during Enterprise sign in to AGO over to the ArcServer. Hopefully, down the road that happens to provide a true SSO experience.

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