Webinar Recording: Integrating Imagery and Raster Analytics into ArcGIS

10-19-2021 03:14 PM
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Renewable energy organizations use imagery daily for visualization and reference purposes, but visualization is only one of the many ways that imagery can deliver value throughout a project’s life cycle. Our latest webinar focused on how imagery can provide greater insight and influence better decision-making.

Featured Questions and Answers

  1. Is it possible to use the Living Atlas to derive products for other uses in ArcGIS Pro?  Specifically, downloading DEM data from the Living Atlas clipped to a specific extent or area for further analysis in Pro.  Or does it need to be processed in ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online?    
    Living Atlas layers can be accessed in Pro and used for visualization and analysis. The raster functions and imagery geoprocessing tools in Pro can be used with any web service that is configured properly for export and analysis. Alternatively, hosted image services in ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online can also be accessed and used in Pro for visualization and analysis.

  2. Do you think that using aerial imagery to determine what is on the ground of your site of interest, is just as good as working with communities to see what is really out there?           
    In a full site suitability analysis, aerial imagery would just be one source of data that we would leverage to assess the condition and viability of the proposed site. This can often help save time and resources offering an initial "glance" at the site before sending anyone out there. This could be followed up with a "boots on the ground" assessment coupled with local knowledge to verify remote observations.

  3. A major challenge for siting projects is identifying power infrastructure, transmission or distribution lines, as well as understanding competitive planned or existing power plants. Do you have any resources to address those challenges?               
    The imagery and remote sensing capabilities in ArcGIS can be used to detect objects and classify features from satellite, aerial, and drone imagery. With high enough resolution, it may be possible to detect transmission towers, substations, and new project sites. GeoAI and Deep Learning models can be used to automate this analysis but require training datasets. Change detection can also be performed at scale to identify changes in imagery over time. This can be useful in identifying new project sites and doesn't require as detailed resolution.

  4. The Suitability modeler has be to published as gp service from ArcGIS Pro?             
    The suitability modeler widget in Web AppBuilder uses a weighted raster overlay service. The widget can be configured to use a pre-built WRO from ArcGIS Online or a custom WRO. Custom WRO services must be published to an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment with Image Server from ArcGIS Pro.

  5. To do all these raster analysis on portal, do we need Image Server ext?
    We have a new product called ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online which is basically raster and imagery hosting and analysis completely in the cloud. There is no infrastructure needed, simply an add on extension associated to a user type. To perform the same analysis in ArcGIS Enterprise, you would need Image Server.

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