Compute NDSI for several years in R from *.hdf files (SPOT Vegetation) in ArcGIS

03-09-2017 08:16 AM
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Hey GIS-people,

I need some help. I would like to compute the NDSI for several years with SPOT Vegetation data.

I have already downloaded them but I don´t want to compute the index for each 10-days-layer-collection in ArcGIS. I wanted to write a code with the programming language R, which calculate the NDSI, but I really do not have an idea how the code should looks like and how I can connect ArcGIS with R. 

I hope somebody could help me! 😃 

Thank you guys!!

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If you don't know how to program in R, why do you want to use it?  you can search for the R-bridge which may be of use if you do know R.  Otherwise, statistical calculations can be done by a variety of means and numpy and scipy are built into recent deployments of arcmap.

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