Please install ArcGIS R integration package Failed to execute?

07-15-2019 03:00 AM
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Installed R studio and the R bridge.

I can run R in desktop.

I published a GP service succesfully.

However, when I query the service, I am getting "Please install ArcGIS R integration package Failed to execute " message.

Everything, both desktop and server, are on the same machine.

Checked with arc.check_product() - valid license.


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There are a few issues that can come up with Server. If you haven't seen it already, I'd review the instructions here: Deploying R for ArcGIS Server—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise 

A few things I'd check:

 - The `arcgisbinding` package is installed into the Program Files\R\<version>\library folder. If you install it as your user, it won't be accessible to the ArcGIS Server user (which has a separate %userprofile%).

 - Your testing is against the x64 version of R -- ArcMap works by default against the 32-bit version of R, so testing it in this environment won't replicate what Server is using.

If you follow the guide above, and check those steps and still no dice, let us know. It is possible that there is some more nuanced complication, I'm not sure we have many users who have deployed on Server with Desktop on the same machine, so potentially an issue with that.



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