(arcgisbinding) not loading all 9.5 million rows?

03-23-2020 08:42 AM
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I have a feature class with just under 9.5 million rows that I want to load in R Studio. Here is my code:


point = = "...\\my.gdb\\my_feature_class")
point.df =‍‍‍‍

However, it says it only loaded 3.6 million rows in my R Studio environment. I know that R Studio should be able to handle all of the rows because the following works fine:

dat <- data.frame(X=rep(0, 92500000))

 I do have ~75 columns, so is there some other memory limitation I don't know about? Why would it not load my whole dataset? I have done this with several smaller datasets (~20k rows) without any issue.

Thanks in advance

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