Bridging the Gap Between ArcGIS and R

03-28-2017 01:37 PM
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This past month, the R-ArcGIS bridge showcased its capabilities on the main stage. At Esri’s 2017 DevSummit, the bridge was demoed along with ArcGIS’ conda-based python integration to show users the power and possibilities the two provide.

To provide our users with easier access to the R-ArcGIS bridge and all of its capabilities, we have been working hard on multiple new resources. Our goal is to not only enable users to quickly get up and running with the bridge and all of its features, but also to inspire users with new ways the bridge can extend their workflows.

The first of these resources is a new Learn ArcGIS lesson and video called Analyze Crime Using Statistics and the R-ArcGIS Bridge. The lesson walks you through installing the R-ArcGIS bridge, getting everything up and running, as well as the process of doing an analysis where you’ll seamlessly move between R and ArcGIS, depending on the analytical methods you want to employ. By the end, you’ll be ready to tackle your own analyses harnessing the power of both R and ArcGIS in new and exciting ways.

Additionally, two new web courses have been created. The first of which, “Using the R-ArcGIS Bridge“, is designed to show you the basics of installing the bridge, transferring data back and forth between ArcGIS and R, and features a simple analysis utilizing R. The second course, “Integrating R Scripts into ArcGIS Geoprocessing Tools“, specifically focuses on how to use the bridge to wrap R functionality and create script tools that can be used in ArcGIS, just like any other tool.

Check them all out and please let us know of any feedback you may have!

Happy Bridging! 

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Hi MPobuda-esristaff‌ - looking forward to get my introduction to R and ArcGIS!  I'll return feedback when I get to them. This is kind of unrelated, but where is that picture of statistical functions from your profile from?? It's very cool

I can't figure out how to message directly in Geonet haha (can you do this?).  

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Awesome, thank you so much Daniel!

That picture is one of my favorites. It was given to me by one of my graduate school professors. Here is a nifty interactive version of it: Univariate Distribution Relationship Chart 

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Thanks Marjean! 

That is nifty indeed. Sparks my lust for doing more maths again. Thank you!

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