If i zoom to selected () then set the env extent to activeview.extent will that automatically Confine the geoprocessing output extent for the tools in spatial analyst like slope, or clipmanagement etc. The script may be run by multiple users in differen

10-30-2019 06:55 PM
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See question above.  So far script does this, have script or know how to do anything with a # in front of it

#user loads shapefile and either selects features or uses entire shapefile

# run a bunch of tool snippets

# create and calculate fields

# split polylines, densify @ 10ft, create vertices, 


# create points at start and end of each polyline

# select all points

#zoom to selected

# create polygon with extent of selected features buffered by 10%

what i need to do is capture the extent of the activeview at this point so i can set the geoprocessing output extent to manipulate a few rasters, and create a slope layer......... this will be done at multiple scales by different users in varying area of a state

#copy large mosaic dataset dem to tif at the extent of the actiview, since the input layers location and size can change widely (to save storage space since it is extremely limited).   Desire to retain tif for a few years before deleting

# use tif to create slope of same size as zoom to layer and clipped dem tif

#pull elevation for pts to calculate trail grade

# zonal statistics to determine landform grade for each segment after creating buffer

# calclaute slope ratio

# symbolize potential for sustainability based on slope ratio and trail grade criteria (classification)

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