Create a Raster Colorizer ArcGIS Pro?

10-01-2020 10:37 AM
New Contributor

I have a single band NDVI raster that I would like to Classify through Arcpy. I've been struggling to find the documentation in order to create a colorizer object. So basically I've hit a wall after creating a lyr.symbology object in order to update the layer.

If I manually create the Symbology in the contents window, then the next time I call the lyr.symbology object I now have access to lyr.symbology.colorizer and can manipulate from there. However I would like to know how do it from scratch in python, just for piece of mind, so I can automate later for any future projects.

I presume it is a class function of _getColorizer but have struggled to make any headway.

Any help greatly appreciated

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