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10-01-2019 07:36 AM
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I am having issues getting a field calc script in arcpy to run. It's probably my parameters, but I can't seem to find the error. Please see below. I am 'ranking', one shapefile based on multiple columns (with weights applied). My goal is to import it as a script into a toolbox so a user doesn't have to use arcpy.

Thanks in advance!

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#import system modules
import arcpy
import os

#set paramaters - parameters are weights
inFC = arcpy.GetParameter(0)

#fieldName_FinalScore = arcpy.ListFields(inFC)
Parameter_1_p = arcpy.GetParameter(1)
Parameter_2_p = arcpy.GetParameter(2)

#convert GetParamter to floats, I thought 
Parameter_1 = float(Parameter_1_p)
Parameter_2 = float(Parameter_2_p)

#field name
fieldName_FinalScore = "FinalScore"

#lower box
expression_FinalScore = "Value(!Criteria1!,!Criteria2!)"

#code block upper
codeblock_FinalScore = """def Value( Criteria_1, Criteria_2):
FinalScore = !Criteria_1! * Parameter_1 + !Criteria_2! * Parameter_2"""

#Execute CalculateField
arcpy.CalculateField_management(inFC, fieldName_FinalScore, expression_FinalScore, "PYTHON_9.3", codeblock_FinalScore)
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