Your top used Geoprocessors

10-29-2017 08:12 PM
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Hi all!

I'm doing a bit of research into geoprocessors and need some information on what ones are used out in the wild.
Being a programmer, I've done a bunch of Python scripting, but I'm not sure what ones are generally used outside of parsing files and moving data around.

So, what are your top Geoprocessors and how often do you use them?

Do you use them inside of ArcGIS Desktop/Pro, or in custom Python scripts?


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Looks more like a Discussion than a question. Even better, if you could restructure your question as a poll with a few options. Go to the following link if you would like to create a content as a Poll.

Create Poll - Esri GeoNet 

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Great idea, but I'm not sure that would work.

It would require me to put in a list and then have people vote on it.
If it was more like Facebook's polls (everyone can add to the list), that would be great.

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Good idea from Jayanta... but with ArcGIS Pro it is easy since you have direct access to a full(ish) suite from Anaconda including what most people use... numpy, scipy, matplotlib, R .... etc etc and of course esri's 'arcpy' (with access to loads), 'arcgis' (more access), and introducing Jupyter notebooks.  You can install pretty well anything within the Anaconda distribution as long as it is with their distribution.  Packages can be installed with Pro, with the package manager or via 'pip' install using their proenv.bat file.

So the poll might be.. what don't you use

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Hmm, completely didn't think about people bringing in other libraries to help.
I was mainly seeking info on which ones included in ArcPy are the ones that most people use.

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Hi Aaron Styles ,

In case you are looking for the "most used" geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS, you can get a pretty good idea when looking in ArcMap at the Geoprocessing menu:


These are among the most used tools (according to Esri). That said, since ArcGIS has over a 1000 tools (a little too much to create a poll for) and there are infinite possibilities and many different requirements, so this may not represent the most used tools, but I'm sure that this is a good start to begin with.