Utilize fromWKT but add fields also

05-04-2017 07:18 AM
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Beginner here so keep that in mind!

We have a data source that can provide me with SQL output in tab delimited form that contains fields + attributes, one of which being the vector info stored as an WKT string.

I am able to bring the vector info through into a new feature class easily enough with fromWKT but I also need to bring some of the fields + values along at the same time.

Code I have for bringing just the vectors.

 import arcpy
 from arcpy import env

 env.workspace = "C:/Student/clswkt"

 inTable = "f94fd2128655d74d9788356402dc0434.csv"
 arcpy,.TableToTable_conversion("inTable", "clswkt.gdb", "<feature class name>")
 # Define field holding WKT coords 
 field1 = "shape_vector_new"
 # Define field holding unique identifier (can be PVID or OBJECTID if you didn't include PVID
 field2 = "OBJECTID"

 # Redefine inTable to new table created

 inTable = "clswkt.gdb/<tablename>"
 featureList = []
 cursor = arcpy.SearchCursor(inTable)  
 row = cursor.next()  
 while row:  
      WKT = row.getValue(field1)  
      temp = arcpy.FromWKT(WKT, "") 
      row = cursor.next()
 # Copy featurelist to a feature class
 arcpy.CopyFeatures_management(featureList, "clswkt.gdb/<fcname>")

Thanks in advance.

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suggest converting the SQL output into a CSV file. Then joining that CSV file to your feature class created from your current script.

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