Using Python to scrape points from a google map embedded on a website

01-15-2020 06:36 AM
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the requests library + beautiful soup to pull information on the antenna points from the map shown on this website.

BIPT: Sitebeheer 

My original plan was to iterate through site numbers, pull out the lat/long information that appears on the left hand panel when a point is clicked, and display that data in Arc. So far I have accessed the <div> element where that information is located when the point is clicked (<div> id = selectedsite ... </div>). But the element turns up empty in python seemingly because nothing is clicked?

This is my first time web scraping and I have limited HTML knowlege, if there is another approach that would be better or any pointers you could offer that would be greatly appreciated

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

#api_key = 'AIzaSyAv5Ru8AQCc9ZvfcrdYEg9SGHyDZqv55T0'

#Prettify HTML
source = requests.get("").text
soup = BeautifulSoup(source, 'lxml')

# Class where information on the selected site is located - turns up empty
div = soup.find(id='selectedsite')
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Are any esri products involved in the process? or is this a pure python question?

If the latter...

Stack Overflow - Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers 

might be a better venue

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Thanks for this advice - I have cross posted on stack overflow as well.

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I can see a link to download a spreadsheet which exposes coordinates: 

I simplified it (attached, using Data Interoperability extension).

Then Convert Coordinate Notation tool can expose lat/long better: