Using pip in an Anaconda/conda environment

11-09-2018 08:38 AM
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I was successfully able to reinstall  Anaconda for 2.7 without conflicting with my ArcGIS 10.5 installation. I can now import arcpy, pandas, numpy, etc... but I am missing a few outside packages that I had installed in the for my ArcGIS 2.7 environment. For example, the library 'addfips'  could not be added using conda. I believe I added it previously using `pip` which is already installed in my Anaconda environment. Is there any conflict that could be caused by using fips with my Anaconda environment? Just wanted to check before trying.

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chances are slim that it would cause issues given...

AddFIPS is a Python package, compatible with Python 2.7, Python 3, and pypy. It has no dependencies outside of Python’s standard libraries.
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