Using CreateReplica GP tool to check out tables

08-30-2012 06:21 AM
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I have also posted this question in the Geoprocessing forum.


Here is the python code I am using for the CreateReplica geoprocessing tool:

arcpy.CreateReplica_management("'Database Connections\\MySDEConnection.sde\\DB.OWNER.Table1';'Database Connections\\MySDEConnection.sde\\DB.OWNER.Table2'", "CHECK_OUT", "C:\Temp\MyFileGDB.gdb", "MyCheckoutVersion", "FULL", "CHILD_DATA_SENDER", "ALL_ROWS", "DO_NOT_REUSE", "GET_RELATED", "", "DO_NOT_USE_ARCHIVING")

I changed the name of the connection and of the table names to make them generic for this example.

What I am trying to do is to check out all rows for both feature classes and tables.

In the help for the CreateReplica tool, the name of the parameter that is giving me problems is called "expand_feature_classes_and_tables". The "ALL_ROWS" option that I am using for this parameter is supposed to check out all rows for both feature classes and tables.

What is actually happening is that it only checks out the schema for the tables -- no data/no records. I would think that ALL_ROWS should be the default, but it isn't. The default option for this parameter is "USE_DEFAULTS" which only checks out all rows for feature classes. Check the help for the CreateReplica tool and see for yourself.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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