User Input Popup after a Tool is Executed

10-10-2011 07:41 PM
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Hi All,

I'm hoping this is possible and that someone can help me out.  I have created a tool that automates the creation of maps and all works well.  I'm trying to figure out how I can add a user input popup while the tool is working.

Essentially, I want there to be a checkbox on the original tool interface and if it is checked by the user a secondary input interface will popup later on after the appropriate data is created.

Any help is appreciated.

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Have a look at the win32 interface

import win32api
win32api.MessageBox(0,"msgbox", "title")
win32api.MessageBox(0,"ok cancel?", "title",1)
win32api.MessageBox(0,"abort retry ignore?", "title",2)
win32api.MessageBox(0,"yes no cancel?", "title",3)

Tkinter provides a more complete dialog designer.
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Cheers, I'll have a look.
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