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Use GP tool MMI to populate feature attributes

01-23-2022 10:03 PM
Occasional Contributor III

The Attribute form that is used to enter/update feature in Pro is limited.

You can set subtype and maybe domains by subtype and maybe use different templates but other than that you do not have too much control.

I am thinking about using GP tool MMI with the validation code to get a better input form.

You can use the validation code to change the list of values based on some other field. Unlike subtype that let you do 2 level dependency the validation code is not limited to 2 levels.

You can have a browse button if you need to enter a path of a file.

You can validate values based on some other fields (i.e. number of male in a city can not be more then 60% of the total population)

You can hide some field (even base on condition) that will be filled with some calculated values.

And I can think on a few other tricks that you can use.


Did anybody over think or implemented such an idea?

The python code of the tool can enter the values into the selected feature.


I would like to know what all the smart people in here think about it.


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