Use arcpy to create a custom Attribute Transfer Tool?

04-15-2020 06:05 PM
New Contributor III

Is there a way to create a CUSTOM Attribute Transfer tool that will remember the field mapping settings?

As this is not an option of the ACTUAL TOOL, is it possible to build this through arcpy?

Using ArcMap 10.6:

The Spatial Adjustment toolbar has a great tool:  Attribute Transfer Tool.  It allows you to:

  • Transfer SELECT attributes from a single map feature to another INTERACTIVELY!!!  Just what I need for a current project
  • You first must set up a field map... telling it which attributes from one feature class you want to go to the other. No problem...
  • Then you select the the source feature on the map, link it to destination feature... boom!  Attributes transfered!

EXCEPT....  ... and here's the kicker...  There is no way to save these settings to easily recall them.  See, I need to potentially set up 5 or 6 such feature mappings between layers, cycle between them, and reuse them, share them with my team, etc.  

So.... is there a way to use ArcPy to create my own custom Attribute Transfer Tool? Where I could hard-code the feature classes and field mapping links... and create buttons to quickly recall these as needed?

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