Update metadata fields with Python.

07-21-2015 05:09 PM
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It was back in 2006 that I took a Virtual Campus course "Creating and Maintaining Metadata Using ArcGIS Desktop" and I think in that course I learned a trick to use python to update the contact info in metadata files. I think the course gave a list of variables that you could access with this trick. I think I extended that to access a couple other variables in the metadata files and loop through folders.  But I can't get a reminder looking back at the course because it's been retired. 

Is this still possible in ArcDesktop 10.2 and this new Item Description standard?

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There are a number of threads on this topic:

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... and page 54 of this presentation: Mind Your Metadata

Maybe it is the simple export metadata, change the XML with python and import the XML again that you are looking for.

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Thanks for the links, X.  

It looks like the way to do it now is export metadata to XML, string replace in XML, import XML to metadata.

I hoped I could be reminded about how I once did this.  Since I took the VC course in 2006, would that have been 9.3.1?  I thought I used a script that I adapted from this course quite a few times to update the contact info in my metadata.  I search the c:\student folder on my old machine but didn't find it.  I suppose there's no way to peak at a VC course that has been retired.

I should search my old server for this script.

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