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Unable to create a geoprocessing service task - Solutions GP Toolbox

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05-21-2016 12:52 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi everyone...  I am trying to create a geoprocessing service on an ArcGIS for Server 10.3 machine...  Here is what I have done:

1. Downloaded the Solutions Geoprocessing Toolbox from Github: GitHub - Esri/solutions-geoprocessing-toolbox: Models, scripts, and tools for use in ArcGIS Desktop ...

2. I unizpped the contents of the download...

3. In ArcMap 10.4, I accessed the ERG Tools toolbox inside of the "capability/toolboxes" folder of the contents (it is a Python toolbox), and ran the "ERG By Chemical" script tool... 


The ArcMap data frame has no contents except for an ArcGIS Online basemap...  The tool requires several parameters:

  • Incident point - I clicked on the map to create a point
  • All other parameters, I used the default values (see graphic below)


The results from the tool's execution are below:



So far, so good...

4. In ArcMap, I signed into my ArcGIS Online account with Administrator privileges...  I also added a Database Server connection to another machine with ArcGIS for Server 10.3...

5. From the Geoprocessing Results window, I right-clicked on the successful result to create a new GP service...


I chose to "publish a service", gave the new service a name, pointed it to the ArcGIS for Server machine...  This is the Service Editor at this point:


6. From here, I tried several options:

  • Checked and unchecked "Uploads" for the Operations Allowed option (Capabilities/Geoprocessing)
  • Switched between Synchronous and Asynchronous for Execution Mode (Parameters)
  • Checked and unchecked "View results with a map service" (Parameters)
  • Sharing: switched between nothing, My Content, my organization and a group
  • Left all other settings with their defaults

7. The Preview appeared correct, and for Analyze, no warnings appeared...

8. Clicked "Publish"...  After a minute, I get the "Successfully Published Service" message...  I was not prompted for anything during the publication...

9. However, when I go to the REST URL for the new service, the service itself is created, but no tasks are published:


For all combinations of different settings as listed in #6, I get the same result...  No task...

Is there a reason why I was unable to create a GP task for this GP service?  Thinking that no input data is required beyond a user-defined point, this should theoretically be simple to publish, right?  Is there something in the Python toolbox and/or script tool that needs to be modified?  Or this there something else that I am missing?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated...  Thanks in advance...  Mark

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Finally got a GP Service to publish,  but like many others here I don't have a task showing in my service.  No errors, no warnings.

I am publishing from  ArcMap 10.4.1 to ArcGIS Server 10.2.2

I tried creating an SD file and uploading that, but still no luck.     I don't think we have a 10.2.2 install of ArcMap anywhere.

Any suggestions or work arounds?


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