SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal

06-05-2018 12:42 PM
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arcpy.CreateDomain_management(path+"\\"+gdb_name+".gdb", "DOM_XYACCURACY_NPS2016", "Accuracy", "TEXT", "CODED") 
XYACCURACYDict = {"Unknown":"Unknown", "<5cm": "<5cm", ">=5cm and <50cm": ">=5cm and <50cm" , ">=50cm and < 1m": ">=50cm and < 1m", ">=1m and <5m": ">=1m and <5m" , ">=5m and <14m": ">=5m and <14m" , ">=14m": ">=14m" , "Scaled": "Scaled}
for code in XYACCURACYDict: 
 arcpy.AddCodedValueToDomain_management(path+"\\"+gdb_name+".gdb", "DOM_XYACCURACY_NPS2016", code, XYACCURACYDict[code])‍‍‍‍

Throws an error when in a Pro 2.1.2 toolbox, but I'm able to create a domain with the same values containing ">" character. Any idea on how to make this work? Can't change the values, the codes and the values are "etched in stone" as they say. 

So Posting this to geonet, as I hit save, highlighted my really mickey-mouse syntax error, a missing "..........

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