Survey123 Report Automation

03-10-2016 12:45 PM
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I wondering if anyone has developed an automated process to generate a pdf and email it to a set user each time a survey has been entered in Survey123. The PDF would be a simple structured document of labels and attributes of the data that was entered within the form as well as pictures attached.

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Yep I did.  Code is here  Triggers in Collector/ArcGIS Online?

Also why is there no way to search posts in the new geonet?  Hard to find even my own post.

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Doug Browning wrote:

Also why is there no way to search posts in the new geonet? Hard to find even my own post.

Might just be a rhetorical question, but  let's you search different ways, and filter for participates, or owner, as well as other things...


Bu many many times I just do a web search and include geonet in the search string....even my user name might help get me there.  Just things to try if you haven't already.

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We are using GeoEvent to pull the data from the feature service and email/text a list of people every time a survey is uploaded. It is working extremely well.


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