Starting to play with Pro / python 3 / python api etc etc

10-27-2017 07:37 AM
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Just got all that Pro stuff installed so we can try to put some tools together to make and upload tile packages into a portal. It's going to be a steep learning curve.

First off is all this Conda / Anaconda stuff to get my head around.

Previously I was using Pyscripter and sometimes just plain old IDLE to write and run scripts.

But the conda stuff says that pyscripter is not really compatible.

So which ide is the favoured one out there? I know everyone will be different, but just which is the easiest one to get going with?

Any other advice...

Thanks in advance,


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Have you tried Pyscripter with your Pro Python?   Pyscripter 3.0, which was just released last week, added support for Python 3.5, 3.6, and 3.7.  Lack of support for Python 3.5+ was one of the issues with using Pyscripter and Pro.  Even though 3.5+ is now supported, some do say Pyscripter has issues with virtual environments.

I know some folks use Spyder.  I use PyCharm, which is a bit overkill for the casual scripter, but I really like the rich debugging of a fuller IDE.

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Curtis... check my blog... I have several posts on using Anaconda and Spyder.. and even the new ArcGIS module... Plus everything done in on my blog is Python 3, particularly of interest is the formatting for print statements. 

Too many links to post, but

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Thanks for all the stuff about Spyder etc.

Now got Spyder and the community edition of PyCharm running against Pro's python 3.5.?

Actually, we only need Pro for the python API and its easy interface into connecting to portals and uploading stuff and publishing it.

Just did some tests today using the Create Map Package tool.

I manually made a mosaic with a small amount of ortho photo imagery in both systems (about 250Mb worth). Built overviews etc etc and set up a mxd / aprx for both (need this as input into the package tool).

Running the tool I got :

ArcGIS desktop 10.5 tool took <2min and output a tpk of 5.5Mb.

Pro took > 20mins and its tpk was 32Mb.

When loading them both into a portal here, I can see no visible difference between them.


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I take all that back in the previous message.

Just ran the tests again using a custom level of detail xml. Basically just the google / bing LOD scheme but with 2 extra levels of detail below 1:1128.

Both Desktop and Pro built the tpk in around 2mins.

I think I left the background topo base map on when I first ran this in Pro, sorry.

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