Sort Coded Value Domain by Description

04-19-2022 12:47 PM
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I am working to reorganize the pick list for a Domain and its assigned values. The goal is to sort by Description (ABC), instead of Code because when adding new domain values, values that start with "A", for example, are now listed at the bottom after "Z". 

I have attempted to use both the Tool in the Toolbox: Sort Coded Value Domain and also using the Arcpy tool:

Both tools run as expected and return successful completion messages and do not throw any errors. However, no changes are made - nothing changes in ArcGIS and the domain values are not sorted ABC. 

Any insight small or big would be great! Thanks for your time. 

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What type of dataset are you attempting this on?

Both the GP tool and arcpy seem to work just fine for me on FGDB and SDE database.


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