SDE Connection stucks

11-26-2019 04:37 AM
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Hi Guys,

I have simple code in Arcpy to transfer attributes from one layer to another. It works for local gdb, but when i run it for SDE (It is versioned SDE connection)    it stusks and do not import anything, i think it is problem of connection string i have, but i do not know how to change it. Here is a very useful code for transferring values between two layers, when one intersects to other, you can use it and help me for SDE connetion:

mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument("Current")

Pointi = r'Database Connections\Connection to\WaterTbilisi_GIS.DBO.kanalizacia\WaterTbilisi_GIS.DBO.canals'
Poli = r'Database Connections\Connection to\WaterTbilisi_GIS.DBO.samisamarTo_erTeulebi\WaterTbilisi_GIS.DBO.done_6'

with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(Pointi, ['SHAPE@','updateField']) as ucursor:
        for update_row in ucursor:
             with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(Poli, ['SHAPE@', 'TargetField']) as scursor:
                  for search_row in scursor:
                       if update_row[0].within(search_row[0]):
                          update_row[1] = search_row[1]

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Can you elaborate on where it is getting stuck?  Maybe add some print statements to the code so you can see what line is causing the issue.

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I use python add-in "onCreate new feature" and when i start editing and

click to make new point deature it stucks.

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Have you tried modifying the SDE connection to use the exact path instead of the shortcut path that you are using?

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