Script help for automating mosaic dataset map animation using Python

02-24-2017 08:28 AM
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I have a process to create animations using time enabled mosaic datasets with a date field in ArcMap. Each dataset references 365 rasters (one raster for each day). The datasets and rasters are maintained in the same File Geodatabase.

All layer frames are turned "off". For the animation, two of the datasets are used in conjunction with one another to create vectors which overlie a third dataset of local measurements. *Layers are arranged as follows:

Data frame 1: Roads

Data frame 2: Mosaic Datasets

   Mosaic Dataset 1: Aspect - layer visibility turned "off"

   Mosaic Dataset 2: Slope - symbology changed to "vector field" with direction defined from "Aspect (image)" 

   Mosaic Dataset 3: Measurement - symbology is a "stretched", "Type: Maximum-minimum" (max value rounded up to nearest 5, min rounded down to nearest 5), and "Labeling" has 10 divisions

Data frame 3: Basemap

I want to automate this process using python (the requesting and processing of raw data to this point is already automated).

I have not found a method, yet, of adding Mosaic Datasets to a specific data frame (there are three on the map document) on an existing map document that does not require creating a "Layer". "Layer" creation removes my time field and prevents me from creating the animations.

I need help in writing a script that will:

1. Load the mosaic datasets to Data frame 2

2. Edit the symbology to reflect above descriptions

3. Set legend to Mosaic Dataset 3 image only

4. Enable the time features and set parameters

5. Export animation with specific settings (frame refresh and etc...)

I've seen the animation scripts and should be able to pull much from them, however the importing and editing of Mosaic Datasets I have had no such luck. All help is appreciated. 

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