Rename FCs based on the name of other FCs

09-09-2019 07:13 AM
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I've got a SDE where I import new FCs to update services. I keep the old ones as they are feeding map-services.

The news ones have the same name like the old ones but with an _1 at the end.

After all the work is done I want the old one being renamed e.g. _old and the new ones to the name of the old FCs.

An extra challange is that in the SDE there reside other tables that should not been touched (yellow=the old/new FC -- red=the ones that must not be changed)

I thought doing it with python, but I can only image the steps, not the code.

One way could be to 

1. get a list of all the new FCs

2. truncate the list's entries and cut the _1

3. with this new list select the old FCs

4. rename the old ones to _old

5. rename the new one to something without _1

Any help would be appreciated.



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