Remap Broken Layers From File Geodatabase to SDE

04-20-2021 10:34 AM
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I have a script which remaps broken feature class layers from file geodatabase to sde. It works fine, but there's something weird in the string for the remapped layers that I cannot figure out.

These are the broken file geodatabase layers:


The script remaps them correctly to sde, but I'm seeing this:


And what I want is this:


Does anyone have any idea why the file geodatabase path is on the end?

These are the properties I'm setting to remap the layers to sde:


Note that I have replaced the following properties with dummy values for the purposes of this thread: db_connection_properties; instance; server; user; dataset

Here is the procedure that is doing the work:


def UpdateSdeConnectionProperties(self, fcName, brokenLayer, userN=None):
    new_conn_prop = brokenLayer.connectionProperties
    new_conn_prop['connection_info']['authentication_mode'] = self.sdeAuthMode
    new_conn_prop['connection_info']['db_connection_properties'] = self.sdeDbConnProps
    new_conn_prop['connection_info']['dbclient'] = self.sdeDbClient
    new_conn_prop['connection_info']['instance'] = self.sdeInstance
    new_conn_prop['connection_info']['projectInstance'] = self.sdeProjInstance
    new_conn_prop['connection_info']['server'] = self.sdeServer
    if userN is not None:
        new_conn_prop['connection_info']['user'] = userN
    new_conn_prop['connection_info']['version'] = self.sdeVersion
    new_conn_prop['dataset'] = fcName
    new_conn_prop['workspace_factory'] = self.sdeWsFactory
    # Update the connection properties dictionary of the layer



Thanks for looking everyone!






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