Relation Tables for Feature Layer/Service;

03-21-2022 02:32 PM
by Anonymous User
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I'm an intern in GIS and am currently working on a project that deals with relating tables to address points and creating a feature layer that will be imported into my web application. I have imported the tables into ArcPro (version 2.9.0) successfully. The problem comes when I try to run 'Table to Table' or 'Relationship Class' the Error code 000139 comes up stating that the feature class and/or table must be in the same database.

The database I am using is an .sde, I have direct access set up and am unsure as to why the tables cannot be used within the tools. Even when coding the tools in the response comes stale. The tables are .csv and some are rather large.

Does anyone know what I am missing? There is a step I can't seem to figure out.


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Are you able to import the CSVs into the SDE as standalone tables?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
by Anonymous User
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Yes, I can. I have it set up to use credentials when in ArcPro to access the tables and import them. However, it still implements an error once they are in.

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