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Random number of a Random number

04-25-2020 05:43 PM
New Contributor

Ok, let me see if I can get this down for every one to understand...

I am doing a guessing game in python/PyQt5...

I am trying to put in a hint button. So I am trying to generate a random number of a random number, but I don't know what function to use.

so the random number is generated and if you hit the hint button I want the second random number to be within +/-  (N) of the initial random number

import random
import sys

from PyQt5.QtWidgets import *

from frmguess import Ui_frmguess

# Declare global variables to store random number and times guessed
times_guessed = 0
num_to_guess = random.randrange(1, 101)                             #Gives random number
random2 = random.randrange(5, 5, num_to_guess)                  ????what function to use????

# Create main window (inherits from the base QT widget)
class Mainwindow(QWidget):
     def __init__(self):
          """Initialization code for when mainwindow object is created"""
          # Call UI set up in QtDesignerpyuic
          self.ui = Ui_frmguess()
          # Connect guess button click signal to guess_click slot function
          # Reset times guessed label
          # Connect hint button click signal to hint_button
          # Show the form

     def hint_click(self):
          """What to do when user clicks the hint button"""
          # Get access to random number generated
          global num_to_guess
          global random2
          # Tell user is plus or minus another random number
          hint, okPressed = QMessageBox.question(self, "Your hint is...",
          "Number is plus or minus five " + str(random2),

Any leads would be great

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MVP Esteemed Contributor

You are using the right method, just not using it correctly:

random.randrange(num_to_guess-5, num_to_guess+5)
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New Contributor

Ok, I tried that way, the results were not what I wanted. Sorry I didn't explain further, every time I user hits the 'hint' button I wanted that random number to be random also. Let's say my first random number to guess (R1) is 31. I want the hint button to be +/- 5 of 31 but to be random also every time button is hit (R2).

Joshua, your way just gives the same number over and over for R2. 

I did fumble through it late last night thanks to pizza and beer. I have put the R2 code at the beginning and in the loop of the hint button and it randomizes every time it is hit but stays within 5 of R1 and the code looks like this

random2 = num_to_guess + random.randrange(-5, 6)

Thank you Joshua for your reply, it was much appreciated. I realized this morning I didn't totally explain my desire correctly.

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Something is off then if the R2 is returning the same value every time.  The following shows that calling the second function multiple times generates different numbers each time:

>>> import random
>>> num_to_guess = random.randrange(1, 101)
>>> num_to_guess
>>> random.randrange(num_to_guess-5, num_to_guess+5)
>>> for i in range(6):
...     random.randrange(num_to_guess-5, num_to_guess+5)
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I believe the biggest problem I had was the R2 was not in my loop, but it is fixed now. Thank you

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