Python Script to Automate Zip Codes Help

06-20-2017 10:10 AM
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So I am dealing with zip codes and when the zip code starts with 0, excel does not keep and when I import into arcmap, I therefore have issues joining to other shapefiles with a zip-code field. I am trying to write a script that will automate this process and calculate a new field to ensure that all zip codes have 5 digits but I cant get it to work. Attached is what I have written in python, essentially to determine the length of the zip code, and if it is complete (5digits) just make I a string and if it is not, to concatenate the necessary number of 0s to make it 5 digits.

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Just looking at your expression, and not addressing the script, what you want can be easily accomplishing using Python string formatting:


Also, this will get more visibility if posted in‌.

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In addition to the solution provided by Joshua Bixby , you can find some more examples of doing this in Some Python Snippets (see the part of Formatting leading zero's in General Snippets).

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Then there is the blogs on Basic Fancy Formatting... with references to Fancy Fancy Formatting and a variety of other tips.  You can waste a whole day making stuff look nice without getting any meaningful work done... all the tips are there