Python Script Crashes When SDE updates

04-28-2022 08:02 AM
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I am working on a script that will create 6000 pdf maps of quarter sections. Each map will display water system assets along with other features. When I start the script, it runs fine until around 8:43 pm which is the hour in which our SDE database updates with the day's edits. I tried getting around this by adding in a time.sleep  line to have the script pause until the next morning but when the script tries to resume it always exits out. I am not sure how to get around/fix this issue.



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I would wait until the updates are complete and then start your pdf exports.  Splitting your pdfs before and after means that those made before the updates are now outdated. I would venture that the update process disconnects all users and there isn't a way to reconnect without killing the python process so I don't think you will find a solution that involves pausing.  6000 is a lot, but could possibly be made faster using multiprocessing...

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