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Python GeoprocessingService Parameter "Enabled" and updateParameters Event ignored

08-10-2022 06:31 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Hello everyone,

I have another issue in context of Python Toolboxes and published Geoprocessing Service. My parameter settings for enabled/disabled work fine in local development and ArcGIS Pro 2.8 but as soon as I publish them to ArcGIS Server and consume this service back in ArcGIS Pro, all my fields are visible/enabled all the time and functionality inside updateParameters() function don't seem to get activated.

Is this different behavior documented anywhere? A developer / user would expect the desktop tool and resultings ervice to behave the same.

Would be great to get some feedback, thanks. 

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I had the exact same experience in terms of expectations and the ultimate reality that the web service UI is much less functional that the desktop UI.  This is mentioned in the documentation, but I just did a quick search and was unable to find it.

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