Problem with output parameter in python script geoprcessing Network Analyst

04-04-2017 12:37 AM
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I want to create a Python script for the ArcGIS Solve Vehicle Routing Problem tasks, publish it to ArcGIS Server and then consume it from a web application developed with the ArcGIS Javasctipt API (v 3.13).

If I execute the script from ArcMap and javascript an output gdb is generated fine with the feature class of the route (in local from ArMap and in the server from javascript), but the output result in the windows result of AcrMap is empty. The object returned by the published geoprocessing to javascript is too empty.

I have explained with more detail the problem in the attach attached file, because is a little dificult put all the code and images here.

Although the document is a bit long you can be read it in 3 minutes because it has several images

Any suggestions?

Thank you very.

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