Problem running script with python multiprocessing from toolbox with 64-bit python.

10-04-2017 10:52 PM
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I am having trouble with running script that uses python multiprocessing. I need it to run from toolbox. To run it, I have to uncheck "Run in process" option in toolbox script. The tool/script seems to run just fine with 32-bit python. The problem is that I need to get it to work with 64-bit python, since I wish to use it as a geoprocessing service in ArcGIS server. But when I try it with 64-bit python I am getting this error:

ERROR 000714: Error in script MyScriptMultiproc.
Error in executing: cmd.exe /C D:\ "#"

The strangest part is that when I open command prompt and enter that command, it works like charm and I can see that it uses 64-bit version.

Any idea would be very appreciated.

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That error has been reported here... with a couple of causes

such as

Note: 'Out of process' pertains to Python scripts that have the 'Run Python script in process' property disabled (Script Properties > Source).

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Dan, thank you for useful articles. Now I know that I can't run it with 64-bit python on Desktop and I can live with running it with 32-bit on Desktop.

The other thing is that I need to run in on Server and I need to run it "out of process", otherwise I am getting forking error.

As far as I know the server doesn't have Data Interoperability installed, so maybe the c++ runtime mentioned in second article would not be my case, but I think, I am going to check it and give it try anyway...

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matus‌, were you ever able to get the geoprocessing service running with multiprocessing?

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