Passing variable to another script

08-25-2015 12:27 AM
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I want to make a point layer from a csv file with AIS data (Automated Identification System, i.e., shipping data) . Then I want to make lines using a script called TrackBuilder.

So I have two python scripts: to make the points and to make the lines.

I don't know how to tell python to use the variable outFC_Project in

The error I get is:

exceptions.NameError: name 'outFC_Project' is not defined

#import modules

import arcpy

import os

from arcpy import env

import TrackBuilderVersion2_x64

#Set env settings

env.workspace = "E:/DensityMaps/DensityMapsTest.gdb/"

arcpy.env.overwriteOutput =True

#Define variables

monthTable = "E:/test_division/division_finale2014/file_list_months_weeks/scope_ais_december.csv"

monthPoints = "monthPoints"

x_coords = "long"

y_coords = "lat"

out_Layer = "monthLayer"

path_outLayer = "E:/DensityMaps/"

saved_Layer = "E:/DensityMaps/monthlayer.lyr"

outFC = "MonthFC"

outFC_Project = outFC+"_Project"

#set spatial reference

spRef =arcpy.SpatialReference("WGS 1984")



    arcpy.MakeXYEventLayer_management(monthTable, x_coords, y_coords, out_Layer, spRef, "")

    #Save to layer file

    arcpy.SaveToLayerFile_management(out_Layer, saved_Layer)

    #Copy features to FC


    #Set output coordinate system. 3035 = LAEA

    outCS = arcpy.SpatialReference(3035)

   #Project to LAEA

    arcpy.Project_management(outFC, outFC_Project, outCS)

    #Calling trackbuilder


    #Delete temporary files



    #Check messages



    print arcpy.GetMessages()

print 'Script completed' (only first lines, see the complete script in attachment):

#Import to get the variable month

import PythonTest

#print "Testing printing "+PythonTest.outFC

print "Printing test "+PythonTest.outFC_Project

#Path to input points (broadcast feature class)

sInputFile = outFC_Project

#ID field name (can keep as is most likely)

sID_Field = "mmsi"

#DaeTime field name (can keep as is most likely)

sDT_Field = "timestamp_pretty"

#Path to output workspace (file geodatabase)

sOutWorkspace = r"E:/DensityMaps/DensityMapsTest.gdb"

#name of output trackline feature class

sOutName = "MonthTest"

#Break Track line method option (comment/uncomment the selected option)

sLineMethod = "Maximum Time and Distance"

#sLineMethod = "Time Interval"

#Maximum Time in minutes (keep as string in quotes, use 0 if using Time Interval method, default = 60)

sMaxTimeMinutes = "600"

#Maximum Distance in miles (keep as string in quotes, use 0 if using Time Interval method, default = 6)

sMaxDistMiles = "150"

#Time Interval in hours (keep as string in quotes, use 0 if using Maximum Time and Distance method, default = 24)

sIntervalHours = "0"

#Include Voyage Attributes (comment/uncomment the selected option)

#sAddVoyageData = "true"

sAddVoyageData = "false"

#Voyage Table (path to voyage table) - OPTIONAL

#voyageTable = r"D:\AISTrackBuilder\Test\test.gdb\Voyage"

#Voyage Matching Option (comment/uncomment the selected option) - OPTIONAL

#voyageMethod = "Most Frequent"

#voyageMethod = "First"

#Include Vessel Attributes (comment/uncomment the selected option)

#sAddVesselData = "true"

sAddVesselData = "false"

#Vessel Table (path to vessel table) - OPTIONAL

#vesselTable = r"D:\AISTrackBuilder\Test\test.gdb\Vessel"

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You need to set the output parameter at the end of

arcpy.SetParameter(1, outFC_Project)

then can use it as an input:

outFC_Project = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(1)