Overwrite hosted feature layer collections

08-24-2021 03:42 PM
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Hi there, I just noticed my Jupyter Notebook Python scripts started failing.  This is specific to overwriting hosted feature layer collections in AGOL and Portal for ArcGIS.  They have worked perfectly fine for the past 6-8 months.  I am using a local install of Anaconda and launching Jupyter Notebook via the Anaconda Command Prompt.  The error message I'm receiving makes no sense:

'FeatureLayerCollection' object has no attribute 'replicas'

When I check the Sync Properties of the FeatureLayerCollections I get the following: 

if taxlot_flc.properties.syncEnabled:
      replica_list = taxlots_flc.replicas.get_list()
    print('Sync Enabled is FALSE.')

Sync Enabled is FALSE.

I found the following statement, and that is why I am so confused.  There is no Sync, yet I get this stupid replica error message

"If the dataset "supports" the sync operation, the replicas helper object allows management and synchronization of replicas for disconnected editing of the feature layer collection."

So, my feature layer collection is not syn enabled, yet the script throws an error message about replicas.  Any thoughts???

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