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Need to understand the pseudocode

05-30-2022 03:08 PM
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Hello everyone,

I have two sets of Origin and Destination locations (Longitude, Latitude + ID) for more than 6000 trips and I want to cluster them using GMM, based on their locations. In other words, trips with similar OD pairs will be in the same cluster.

I asked a friend to tell me how to have OD pairs presented as the input to the GMM algorithm and they gave me the below pseudocode that I cannot figure out. Can anyone help me figure out what to do to develop the code? I am not super proficient with python.

Or if there is any other way that you can help me to achieve my purpose, I'd appreciate it if you could share.


You'll need 2 sets, You're name of CSV file, And a hadhmap:
Map clusterOD(filename){

Arr = readCsv(filename) //array[n][2]




// Floating mean
For I in range(sizeof(arr)){
N = 1
For j in range(I, sizeof(arr))
//Gets all means and adds to set



Add to hadhmap
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The best interpreter would be the author of the pseudo code. Send it back and ask for clarification? The syntax isn’t python either, but you have a method with an argument, variable(s) and a for loop… which is not very helpful.

Towards data science/medium has a pretty comprehensive example of working with spatial data to get you started: 

I’d suggest scraping the pseudo code and work through the example.

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Thanks, appreciate your answer.

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