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07-20-2020 10:13 AM
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I would like to build a tool that will load MXD as web map (with reference layers).

I found the MXD to web map GP tool in ArcMap that does exactly this.

Since it is a python script I checked the source and found that its base on ago library.

In github it say that this library is not updated in the last few years but this is still supported tool.

I could write a script that combine ArcMap arcpy (that can publish to server) and python API that can create a web map from map service. Maybe I can write a script that call REST calls to do it.

Anybody have done it or have any advice?

The script should run for a few years until everybody moved to Pro


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Yes, the ago library is from the early days when the Python API was still in its forming days and if the ago library works for getting the mxd into a web map form then I would continue to use it. Unless something fundamental changes in the REST API I am expecting the library to continue to work. One could expand the ago library to provide similar functionality as the Python API but it would be a duplication of work - it is possible but I would probably not encourage you to do so. 

The Python API is THE API to interact with enterprise and portals and it is under active development. Meaning that from a production and transition point of view it could be useful to introduce a single Pro installation into your environment that is taking on the publishing responsibility for the mxds into web maps. The nice feature in Pro is that it can overwrite existing web maps meaning that web map depending applications will continue to run as is.

- Thomas

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