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05-29-2020 08:07 AM
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I am getting an error attempting to use output written to memory.

See code and error below.  I have tried with setting arcpy.env.workspace and without.

import arcpy

##arcpy.env.workspace = r"C:\TEMP\Test.gdb"
arcpy.analysis.GenerateNearTable(r"C:\TEMP\Test.gdb\ControlSectionSprint12", r"C:\TEMP\Test.gdb\ControlSectionSprint12", r"memory\Near", "500 Feet", "NO_LOCATION", "NO_ANGLE", "ALL", None, "PLANAR")
arcpy.gapro.SummarizeAttributes(r"memory\Near", r"C:\TEMP\Test.gdb\NearSummarize", "IN_FID", None)



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The tool says it needs a table view as input.  Is Pro open?

Then there are a whole bunch of recommendations which I am not familiar with.

It is interesting that it says

Similar analysis can also be completed using the Summary Statistics tool in the Analysis toolbox.

which might be a good idea to try it first to see if something is wrong with the inputs

Summarize Attributes—Help | Documentation 

Summarize Attributes is a tabular analysis tool, not a spatial analysis tool. Inputs can be a tabular layer or a layer with geometry (points, lines, or polygons).

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